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    Religion 101 / 102 - Old Testament Survey - A Sample

    Below you can see and hear an example of how this class would function. 

     Religion 101-102 is a survey class covering most of  the Old Testament in two semesters. Therefore most individual lessons cover a larger section of the Bible (often five chapters).

    Religion 102 may be audited any semester. You may take it online for credit in the spring semester of even years (e.g. Jan.-May of 2016)

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    Lesson 31 - Hosea

    • The video below is about half of a class. Sharing it in this way so anyone can access it, rather than how I share it for class, suggested a smaller size limit. 
    • You do not need to do all the things below. Sample any portion you wish. I will list all the things to indicate what I ask students to do if they are taking the class for credit. If you are auditing you are free to do whatever amount you wish. 
    • If you want to use it to follow along with the video, Click on  "OT2-31-Hosea Worksheet.pdf" below in this box. You may either use it online or print it. 
    • For the class I would ask you to read Hosea 1-5 using the Worksheet as a guide to help you study the Bible section.  You are not asked to hand these worksheets in. The video will only cover Hosea 1 and the start of 2.
    • For class taking it for credit I would ask you to take the "31-Preview quiz on Hosea 1-5."  The assigned quizzes (Review and Preview) are open book quizzes. You may use your notes and  Bibles. The actual quizzes for class are taken online and automatically graded. The PDF below simply gives you an idea of what suc a quiz is like.
    • Then view the video: "Rel102-L31-Minor Prophets Intro & Hosea."  Clicking on the  link below will take you off of this page. When you are done viewing you may click the return arrow on the top left of your screen to return here or reenter the site location.
    • For class taking it for credit I would then ask you to take the review quiz