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    Religion 407 / 408 - Christian Teachings – Dogmatics - A Sample

    Below you can see and hear an example of how this class would function. 

    Religion 407 / 408 is a  study of Christian teachings, showing their Biblical foundation and their application to the Christian life. Subject matter studied in 407: Scripture, God, man, Christ, conversion, justification, and sanctification. Subject matter studied in 408: the means of grace, Law and Gospel, the sacraments, the church, election, and eschatology.

    Religion 407 may be audited any semester. You may take it online for credit in the fall semester of even years (e.g. Aug.-Dec. of 2014, 2016 etc.) Religion 408 may be audited any semester. You may take it online for credit in the spring semester of odd years (e.g. Jan. - May of 2015, 2017 etc.)

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  • Topic 1

    Lesson 1 - Introduction

    • Click on “Dog01-Mueller text for sample.pdf” and on "Dog01-Lesson1- Introduction.pdf" below in this box. You may either use them online or print them. 
    • Now read the Mueller text using the lesson 1 Worksheet as a guide to help you study the section.  You are not asked to hand these worksheets in.
    • Then view the video: " Rel 407-Sample of class."  Clicking on the  link below will take you off of this page. When you are done viewing you may click the return arrow on the top left of your screen to return here or reenter the site location.

    Our method of recording and the equipment has been upgraded since this video was made. Compare the example in